Wednesday 6 February 2013


For all of our followers who have February birthdays or anniversaries, this month’s birthstone, Amethyst, would make a great gift. Amethysts can come in different shades of purple ranging from lavender to dark purple depending on the quality. The higher the quality the darker the purple. Amethysts also have a hardness of 7, therefore they are good for everyday wear

The story of how Amethyst came about dates back to Greek mythology. The legend states that the Greek God of wine, Dionysus, was angry with mortals for insulting him. Therefore, he summoned tigers to attack the next mortal they came in contact with. There was a young girl, Amethyst, who was on her way to worship the Goddess Diana when the pack of tigers came after her. To save the girl from being mauled by tigers, Diana turned the girl into crystalline quartz. Dionysus was in awe of the statues beauty and felt bad for what he had done. He cried over the statue and his tears turned the quartz purple. From then on the purple quartz was named Amethyst after the young girl.

If you are thinking about purchasing a piece of jewelry this month with an Amethyst in it stop by our Manhattan location to check out our selection of K-State purple or design your own at any of our locations.