Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Moving from spring into summer, the temperatures are unbearable, but we are here to tell you there is an escape.  Summer, a time for men, is a time of the year where we like to acknowledge that men’s jewelry is not specifically for weddings. The visual brilliance, fire, and striking light of a diamond is not a mere reflection of the person, but a window.  This summer, since your significant other has been spoiling you all year, now it is your chance to spoil him with a masculine yet stylish band.
In the last twenty years, there have been new developments in the materials used to create and revamp men’s rings. Even though we still offer traditional gold and silver bands, the newest metals on the market are titanium, tungsten, carbon fiber, and several more.  The recent changes in metals cannot be fully told in this short explanation, so we invite you to visit the Benchmark or Lashbrook websites if you would like to perform further research.

                This metal is more than twice as strong as typical commercial metals. This material is not only used in creating rings, but also on space shuttles and airplanes. There are many style options available with this metal which makes it relatively versatile and well liked. 

                Tungsten is the most scratch resistant performance metal on the market today. This metal also offers three options in finishes as well: polish, satin, and sandblast.  You may be asking yourself if this material has breakpoints, then wonder no longer. Tungsten rings are built with breakpoints! So, if your significant other works on cars, welds, farms, etc…then this would be a great ring choice for him. It is reliable and dependable and a finger saver. 

                Carbon fiber is well known for its strength to weight ratio, and it is often used in bicycles, motorcycles, and sailboats. The technique of “sandwiching” the metal into performance metal bands produces a stunning yet innovative look. 

                Cobalt Chrome has a white lustrous color that will stand up extraordinarily well to everyday wear and tear. Not only is the color similar to platinum, it has the heft of gold as well. Customers rave about how Cobalt Chrome is much more durable than they’re previous gold or platinum bands. It also offers an alternative option for those people who are allergic to nickel.  

                Ceramic bands come in white and black, which are the most well liked. These bands are very light weight and exceptionally scratch resistant.  Also, like Tungsten, ceramic is also available in the same three finishes to give you another option to customize your band. An advantage to ceramic is the ring is not made with a coating, so the color runs true throughout the entire band and will never wear over time.


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