Tuesday 10 September 2013

Fluorescence in a Diamond

What is fluorescence in a diamond? 
In diamonds, fluorescence is observed when the diamond is exposed to invisible ultraviolet rays. (Such as the lighting frequently seen in dance clubs).Under normal lighting conditions, a diamond’s fluorescence is not detectable to the eye.  However, if a diamonds naturally fluorescent,  it will emit a soft colored glow when viewed in ultraviolet light.  Fluorescence is not dangerous to the diamond or the wearer, nor does it compromise the diamonds structural integrity.  It is simply a fascinating quality that occurs naturally in some diamonds.
Do all diamond fluoresce in the same way?
No.  Some do not fluoresce at all.  On diamond grading reports, non-fluorescent diamonds are described as “none.”  Diamonds that do exhibit some fluorescence can vary from faint, medium blue, strong blue to very strong blue.
How many diamonds fluorescence?
About 1/3 of all diamonds fluorescence.  You can find out if your diamond is fluorescent by holding it under a black light.  It will give off a blue color if it does have fluorescence.  Blue is not the only color that a diamond can exhibit but it is the most popular. Green, yellow, orange or red are also colors you may see.
Good or Bad?
A diamond with a color lower then H with a medium fluorescence can actually make the stone look whiter, but a diamond with strong or very strong fluorescence tho can give the diamond a milky or hazy look.  Therefore, a diamond with faint to medium blue can actually enhance some diamonds.
Does fluorescence effect a diamond’s price?
Fluorescence may cause you to pay a little more (0-2%) when it comes to diamonds in the  H-M color range while in the D-G color range a diamond will actually cost you a little less (0-15%).
Have a little fun!
Next time you are at a night club check out everyone’s rings you might be surprised at how many are glowing :-)


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